How to Earn Money by Selling your Code

Having a source of passive income can save you a lot of money which can fulfill your dreams, for example, buying your favorite car. There are many ways to passively earn money, one of which is selling the code you build.

You might be working on a project and had to create a custom code to fulfill some project needs but the code will not go useless. You can reuse to code as a selling product.

For this purpose visit, this is the source where millions of code pieces are traded. There are different categories. For example, if you have developed a plugin for WordPress to customize something which is pretty generic and can be used for almost every website. For such plugin there is a category explicitly for WordPress plugins. You can set any rate as needed.

You can even sell html code on the platform. But obviously that can be copied somehow. So selling backend code makes more sense. You can start by creating a similar code to my calendar code as I explained in my previous blog post.

The best way to make most of this platform in my opinion is that one can start building code for example for a WordPress theme to display as part of the portfolio. And on completion the theme can be put on the portfolio and at the same time can be put for sale on codecanyon. On portfolio it can be mentioned that the theme is for sale.

To get the leads the use of social platforms is best. Also social media marketing can help you give good returns if you have a solid product to sell. This source of income is so convenient the main thing you only need to do is make efforts on sales instead of writing code. Because once the code is written it is ready to be shipped to anyone. The sales can get better if you provide after sales service to your customers.

If you are a freelancer or private contractor or an agency looking for work, you can probably get from this platform, as the buyers may contact you directly to get complex things done. This can also serve as your portfolio but I would suggest to avoid sharing it as portfolio on freelancing platforms due to the terms of services.


A passive source of income is a great thing to have with you to earn extra bucks. Codecanyon also known as envatomarket a world leading code, scripts and plugins marketplace can help you give a passive source of income if you have coding skills and probably have some pieces of code or scripts just lying in your computer useless. Now is the perfect use of those scripts.