How to Start Freelancing as a Full-Stack WordPress Developer

Many Websites still utilize WordPress for their businesses, specially for blogging and small ecommerce stores. And this is because of it’s ease of use, large community and ability of customization.

Freelancing is adopted by a lot of people now specially after COVID-19 which took a lot of jobs from people. Many of us are tend to shift towards freelancing.

WordPress development is one of most profitable category in freelancing and if you are one of those who desperately want to get into this, here is a small article explaining the steps you need to take before you dive your steps into it.

Learn Web Frontend

This is for those who are starting from zero level. The very first thing needed to do here is learn frontend development of websites. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You can also learn about some libraries and frameworks related to these. They will be a plus for your carrier.

Learn PHP/Backend

Getting the knowledge of frontend is great achievement. But a greater hurdle is ahead which is the knowledge of backend development in PHP. This might be the most difficult phase of this process. The key here is consistency. Eventually it will give you a great reward.

For both of frontend and backend there are numerous online resources such as tutorials and videos. Personally I would suggest W3Schools as they have best resources available in the form of tutorials.

Learn Database (MYSQL)

Next thing to get your hands dirty with is the knowledge of MYSQL database system. You just need to have the basic understanding of it and not needing a deep understanding.

Create Sample Project

It’s time to use the gathered knowledge into a real life project. Image for yourself that you are given a project to create some awesome looking perfectly working website for an organization from scratch. There are many ideas you can use, like, Online Ticket System, Games, Blog etc.

Learn WordPress

After these above steps, now it should be a piece of cake to learn WordPress because WordPress uses all these technologies which are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL Database. And having a knowledge of these is crucial to learn WordPress. There are two types of things to learn here. One of them is general wordpress usage and second is it’s programming which is mainly based on hooks i.e. ‘actions’ and ‘filters’.

Create a Blog

Now to apply all this knowledge, you can create a blog of your own with custom coding on wordpress or an ecommerce website with woocommerce plugin installed in it. This is for your practice and making yourself ready for market as a perfect freelance developer.

Create GitHub and LinkedIn Accounts

If you don’t have GitHub as a developer, you are dead in market. The very first thing you need to do is create a GitHub account. After that for a personal branding image, a LinkedIn account is nice to have.

Create Fiverr and Upwork Accounts

Now is the time to create you freelancing account for landing you first job. The platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour etc. Ideally you should have account on all of these to get your hands dirty as soon as possible. You need to work hard to prove your new skills to the potential clients to win the job. That’s how you are going to be successful. Don’t worry if your skills are not up to the mark in the beginning, they will improve with time.


There is always a big roadmap to follow for a big success. Freelancing in wordpress is similar. After learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress development you need to create sample projects to fill your portfolio. After that different platforms can help you get your first project. To keep yourself stick with wordpress and tutorials you can bookmark the category WordPress in this blog for more. And for freelancing information you can use Freelancing category.

Hope you liked and enjoyed this article.