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Tailwind CSS for Awesome UI of Websites

As developers we all know that CSS powers the visual representation of a website. But when we start to develop a website, a lot of CSS is required to write with a lot of reoccurrences.

But Tailwind CSS has made our lives easier with it’s easy to use pre-build classes. They are perfectly created for awesome UI designs with the ability to be created in a matter of minutes. It has added speed in development and it is also integrate-able in every platform like Angular and React. Following are some of the benefits for using Tailwind CSS.

Get started with Tailwind CSS here:

Rapid Development

If it comes to productivity boost, Tailwind CSS comes to rescue for developers. It is a true productivity booster as you write less and do more with this creating awesome websites. UI is next level with the use of Tailwind CSS. This is because you don’t need to write a lot of CSS on your own. You just have to use the classes for specific displays.


The second most important benefit of Tailwind CSS is performance. This is because it uses minimum CSS and the unused CSS is removed. This way smaller file sizes are served faster. And the classes mechanism it provides is great which makes it avoid repetitions.


This is one of the most important requirement for most of the websites as the website should work fine on all devices of various sizes. To handle this, Tailwind CSS provides classes to handle style for different size easily. You don’t have to worry about media queries anymore.

Easy Hover and Focus Classes

You don’t need to write a lot of separate code for hover or focus attributes of elements. There are classes available for these to handle them directly which is a relieve. I will be sharing a more detailed post about Tailwind CSS on how to specifically use it.

It is clear now that the standard CSS is redundant in front of this because Tailwind CSS is packed with everything that is need for a perfect UI. And the good thing is, it is extendable as well which means, you can still write your own CSS with this.

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