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Brief Review of WooCommerce for Online Store

Have you ever tried to run an e-commerce store? If yes, you might have stumbled with WooCommerce somewhere. This is because WooCommerce is an open source plugin of WordPress to convert your WordPress site into an e-commerce store without separately creating a new website.

Here I am going to write a little bit about my experience with WooCommerce being a developer. This is to help you and others like me to have an idea about what to choose. Following are some points which will explain things in detail.


WooCommerce is probably the most customizable solution when it comes to website development. Hence there is a number of themes available with WooCommerce support. The development with WooCommerce is quite easy for those who have a knowledge of php and WordPress hooks (actions and filters).

Ease of Use

WooCommerce is quite easy to use for the people of all level, starting from a beginner or no-techie to a developer level person. But compared to other platforms such as Shopify, you still need to setup the server etc. to make this working.


WooCommerce is supposed to be for small level businesses who sell very few products and in lesser number. It is not very highly scalable. But it is good for the start because of lesser costs. For a more scalable solution, either Shopify or Magento or a Custom Made Built is required. This is because WooCommerce is just a plugin for WordPress, which was built for blogs initially and still is mostly used for that.


WooCommerce is a very cost friendly solution as the server is your own here and you can choose for a smaller one for that. Also there are lots of developers for WooCommerce who can built themes, functionalities etc. at much lower costs. For a beginner level startup WooCommerce is a very ideal solution. But as they scale there will be a need to migrate. I would suggest to migrate to a server-less cloud based solution after this which will not only give you flexibility but also it will be very cost friendly solution.

That is it for now, although there are a lot of other things we can discuss about. Probably another story would help better. Read more of my blog posts here.